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Medicaid Expansion Nevada’s Medicaid population is set to grow by 62% by 2019; Nevada is among the states with the largest projected growth in its Medicaid program.

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• The expansion of Medicaid under ACA covers approximately 78,000 new lives. ACA mandate for health insurance increases Medicaid by an additional 68,000 lives.

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Expanding state services to absorb the Medicaid expansion; Shifting costs, especially for State run mental health facilities and indigent care;

Nevada Health Link Exchange Summit

ACA: Key Provisions Individual Mandate Expansion of Medicaid Employer Responsibility Provisions – Penalties—covered employer may face penalties for

st Amended STATE OF NEVADA Silver State Health Insurance ...

Expanding state services to absorb the Medicaid expansion; ... Nevada recognizes the need to establish infrastructure and business processes that can effectively


successful Medicaid expansion and Exchange implementation. Age/Gender ... to enroll eligible uninsured residents into Medicaid and Check Up. Furthermore,

A Nevada Health Link Summit June 13-14, 2013

Healthcare Coverage Mandates Medicaid Expansion/Eligibility Health Insurance Exchanges IT Systems (Market Places) Funding Essential ...

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http://leg.state.nv.us/71st/Interim/Studies/TaxPolicy/Minutes/IM-TaxPolicy-20020116-330.html. Adding Life to Years » 2009 » March » 16. Sunday, 3/15.

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2 • What is Nevada Health Link? –Elements of the Marketplace web portal • Goals of the Marketplace • Medicaid Expansion –Who could be covered

Cooperative Agreement to Support Establishment of State ...

Expanding state services to absorb the Medicaid expansion; Shifting costs, especially for State run mental health facilities and indigent care;