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the Medicaid expansion scheduled for 2014 under ACA. Milliman analyzed all aspects of the ACA related to the Medicaid program, including:

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The expectation is that with health reform and Medicaid expansion, there will be fewer people who do not pay. However, the State of Nevada is under no

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Expanding state services to absorb the Medicaid expansion; Shifting costs, especially for State run mental health facilities and indigent care;

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Health Insurance Exchange. Agencies; Jobs; About Nevada; This Site Only State-Wide

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Notably absent is money for innovation and expansion grant projects. ... Finally, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ... Eligibility Engine Expansion Project.

Nevada Health Link Exchange Summit

Unanticipated Consequences for Large Employers? States that decline the Medicaid expansion component of ACA could expand potential liability

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RESOLUTIONS AND MEMORIALS _____ No. Title. Page. 1. ASSEMBLY CONCURRENT RESOLUTION–Adopting the Joint Rules of the Senate and Assembly for the 67th session of the ...

A Nevada Health Link Summit June 13-14, 2013

Healthcare Coverage Mandates Medicaid Expansion/Eligibility Health Insurance Exchanges IT Systems (Market Places) Funding Essential ...

AGENDA ITEM For Possible Action X Information Only

To better understand the impact of a potential expansion of Medicaid eligibility on eligibile individuals, one must understand:


Medicaid expansion. II. Key Findings With approximately one in five residents uninsured, Nevada has a higher rate of uninsured than almost any other state.